Symposium Organizers

Organizing Committee

Christopher Omelon, Canada - Chairperson
Frederick Colwell, USA
Alex Chik, Canada
Maria Dittrich, Canada
Annette Summers Engel, USA
Danielle Fortin, Canada
Ernest Chi Fru, UK
William Ghiorse, USA
Sarah Keenan, USA
Rainer Meckenstock, Germany
Lotta Purkamo, Finland
Chris Weisener, Canada

ISEB Executive Board

President: Annette Summers Engel
Vice-president: Christopher Omelon
Past-president: Philippe Van Cappellen
Treasurer: Sarah Keenan
Secretary: Magdalena Dębicka
Member-at-large: Qiaoyun Huang
Member-at-large: Jens Kallmeyer
Past ISEB Chair: Jens Kallmeyer

ISSM Executive Board

President: Danielle Fortin
Jens Aamand
Murray Close
Frederick Colwell
Julia Derx
Inge van Driezum
Annette Summers Engel
Ji-Dong Gu
Ronald Harvey
Fumio Inagaki
Rainer Meckenstock
Richard Smith
Jack Schijven

The hard-working Organizing Committee in the era of Zoom!

Screen capture of nine organizing committee members' faces from Zoom meeting.

2023 ISEB & ISSM

About us

The International Society for Environmental Biogeochemistry and the International Society for Subsurface Microbiology teamed up in 2005 for their first joint symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This 2023 gathering of both societies will be the  2nd joint symposium, but separately will be the 25th symposium for ISEB and the 11th symposium for ISSM.